Unfortunately wire fraud is on the rise and it is important to be informed on the subject. Perpetrators scam businesses and/or individuals by monitoring real estate transactions and requesting a change in payment type or account.

Protect yourself by being aware of the following tips.

  • Avoid free web-based email accounts.
  • Be careful of what you post on social media.
  • Be aware of requests for a sudden change.
  • Be cautious of requests to take action quickly.
  • Do not open emails from an unknown source and delete immediately.
  • Hesitate from clicking on links and opening attachments provided in an email.
  • Do not give out personal information through email.
  • Verify information by calling a known phone number and not the number provided in an email.

If you receive a request from DCA Title containing revised wire transfer instructions, call your closer immediately to verify the information prior to sending funds.

If you become a victim to wire fraud, make sure to act quickly by contacting the financial institution and your local FBI office immediately.