Char’s last day. It’s so hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday, we were both in our late teens or early twenties, working together at DCA. Now she’s retiring. Amazing!

We can’t thank Char enough for all that she has done during her tenure at DCA.  She has worked through many, many changes in the industry and in the company. Imagine this: In title production, there were no computers, only typewriters. Everything was typed in triplicate (Google carbon paper). Each layer was a different color. Everyone had multiple bottles of Liquid Paper, in different colors, because the top page was white, the next pink, the next green or yellow. Each layer was painted with the corresponding color of Liquid Paper to cover errors.

Char is one of the remaining few at DCA who were hired by our Dad, Paul Welshons.  He had a way about hiring some amazing, dedicated people and Char is a shining example.

Thank you Char for your expertise and dedication. Congratulations! We wish you nothing but happy days in your retirement and hope that you will stop in from time to time to say hello.

Richard and David Welshons