Each year we love to re-organize, re-focus and start fresh when it comes to our personal and professional lives. It is always nice to have goals for the year but it is easier to accomplish them by breaking it down weekly.

  • Each week sit down and think about what happened the previous week.
  • Reflect on things that went well, things that didn’t.
  • Make a list of what you would like to tackle for the upcoming week.
  • Place tasks in order from most challenging to least.
  • Physically check off each list item once complete.
  • Complete the most challenging tasks in the morning to avoid procrastination in the afternoon.
  • Block of time on your calendar to work on your tasks and remind you of your goals.

Keep your weekly tasks together either in a notebook, on your phone or computer and at the end of the year do a review. Remember that this can be used for your personal goals, professional tasks or a combination of both. Tweak how your process to what works best for you but continuing to do some sort of reflection and planning each week will help you stay on track for the year.