To help with social distancing, DCA Title is offering curbside closings which is a convenient option when it comes to your closing process.

  • First a pre-sign is setup where documents are sent to you prior to your closing and a time is scheduled to explain the documents over the phone.
  • Next, your curbside closing is setup, where everyone signing needs to be present in the vehicle.
  • When you arrive to your curbside closing, park in the predetermined designated spot during your scheduled time.
  • Your closer will meet you at your vehicle window wearing gloves and a mask.
    • They will check ID’s and take a picture with their phone.
    • You will then provide your pre-signed documents.
    • Next you will be provided more important document to sign from your vehicle to ensure social distancing.
    • Your closer will take your documents to their office, notarizes everything and either couriers you copies or you can wait and they will be brought back out to the vehicle.
  • Then you are on your way.

This is just one way we are changing the traditional closing process to accommodate your needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are also ensuring that our staff are continuing to practice good hygiene and sanitizing practices.