Protected by The Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), you as the buyer or borrower, have the right to choose your own title insurance provider.

You should know that many people working in the sale, purchase, construction or refinancing of real estate have a financial interest in the title company they refer you to and are receiving compensation from you choosing their settlement services.

Keep in mind that the consumer ultimately has the right to make the decision and there are many factors that can help you with your selection.

  • Look local – search for a company that is locally owned and operated with convenient locations, a good reputation and is involved in their community.
  • Inquire about longevity – many years in the business show experience, strength and knowledge.
  • Check licenses – make sure the company you are looking at is licensed, as well as their employees.
  • Seek recommendations – ask your friends and family who they used for their real estate transactions and if they were satisfied.
  • Research quality – check for an efficient, precise and trustworthy company.
  • Get quotes – ask for a quote to see if fees are reasonable or see if they have a title charges calculator on their website.
  • Ask questions – professional staff members will be responsive and help you fully understand your uncertainties.