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Lee Sieben

Executive Closer

Minneapolis Closing Office

FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER: Knowing that life, interests and real estate transactions can certainly run the gamut, “One end to the other” is a good way to describe how Lee Sieben approaches her job as a closer. Lee’s background leading up to the last 15 years as an executive closer for DCA Title includes marching into an attorney’s office at the age of 16 and asking for a job because she was curious about the law, a degree in paralegal studies, working for many types of law firms and selling homes built by her contractor husband. Lee understands that buyers might be at the end of renting and beginning of homeownership, while sellers are ending one chapter of their lives to begin another and works with them accordingly. Lee’s work philosophy is to do the best she can for the best possible outcome every day and get her clients to the other end — wherever that may be. Lee is married, part owner of a bridal shop and had the pleasure of raising three children of her own and three who weren’t.

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Lee Sieben