Jackie Tix

Executive Closer

Edina Closing Office

There’s a lot more in the big picture of Jackie Tix’s closing career than smiling for the camera with excited buyers when the deal is done. She’s also driven through snow on Christmas Eve to do a closing and gotten invited to the housewarming of a client she had just met. “Whatever it takes” is more than an attitude for Jackie, it’s a way of navigating the sometimes tricky challenges real estate transactions can present. Jackie feels fortunate to not be easily upset and enjoys the process of coming up with solutions rather than focusing on setbacks. Jackie has been at DCA Title for all 24 years of her career in the industry. She enjoys her customers, coworkers and the company itself, noting she’s never once thought the grass would be greener elsewhere. Jackie loves to vacation, play sports and experience the outdoors by camping, snowmobiling and jet skiing.

Jackie is a Notary in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Jackie Tix